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Our youth group attends a Steubenville Conference each year.  These conferences are provided by Franciscan University and are located throughout the United States.


Steubenville NW 2023

"REFUGE "MT 11:28 

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Steubenville NW 2022 Youth Conference. Theme was "Fearless". Teachings: We all have fears and worry. "Be not afraid, for I am with you!" Ask God to be there with you. When we open our eyes and ears to God we can then see and hear him.

In July 2021, we traveled to Denver, Colorado for Steubenville of the Rockies. #Restored

In 2020 we attended Steubenville Live, rather than going to a large conference, due to Covid-19.  We still learned some amazing things and had a fun time together. #Belong

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