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Help SPB Today!

ConnectNow Giving is the next generation of Online Giving used by more than 10,000 churches today. And it integrates directly into our online data system. Download the app for your phone - go to the app store and hit search. Type in Connectnow Giving and it will pop up!

ConnectNow Giving by ParishSoft is the easiest way for you to contribute to the financial support of our St. Philip Benizi Parish Community. By automatically making your donation from either your checking account or your credit card you no longer have to fuss with Church envelopes and scrambling for that wallet or checkbook in the church pew come collection time.

Visit their online website and sign up today. It's easy to do (5 minutes or so) and the process is secure. You will choose a username and password so you can adjust your donation at anytime.

Thank You for your financial support of our parish. Click the "ConnectNow Giving" button and it will take you directly to our ParishSoft ConnectNow website.

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