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The activities and Conference attendance are paid by fundraising.  This page will show ways to donate to our program.
These are the fundraising projects we are working on this year:

Plant/Flower Pot Sale: Order forms will be attached to the bulletin in March and will be due by April 1st, 2022.  They will be delivered to the church on May 6th.

Pampered Chef: 30% of sales will go towards the youth group. Feel free to click the link below to shop, or contact Carolyn Brown 503-799-4201 with questions ​

Boxed Card sales:  Complete: thanks to your support we have earned over $500

Bottle/Can returns: pick up bags behind Hall or side of church.  Drop off at drop center  (open door with sticker) or behind the Hall.

Donation Button: If you would like to donate to the SPB Youth Group please click this link:

Fred Meyer Rewards Match Program: Simply link your reward card to our youth group, They MATCH the rewards.  You do not loose your $$ back coupon, they just MATCH the amount in donation to our Youth Group.  Follow these instructions on the video below, or if you still need help contact Carolyn Brown

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